We offer a wide variety of loyalty and rewards solutions for any business to best suite their needs, wants, and goals.



Stripped to its core, the epoints loyalty platform is the best way to build long lasting ties with your customers. The loyalty platform is the only solution that will give your customers immediate gratification by receiving points for signing up and purchasing from your business which can be redeemed instantaneously and at any time. The collection of points from shopping experiences and having the flexibility of redemption is a guaranteed way to achieve maximum customer satisfaction!

Our platform allows your business to set various reward levels and parameters based on your customers habits to ensure you gain the most out of your loyalty program. We will work with you on customizing our platform to suite your needs and optimize the value you get from your loyalty program.


epoints is specialized in Customized Incentive Rewards Program Management. We strongly believe that the best selling strategy comes from adding value and rewarding your customers for purchase instead of discounting.

epoints provides your business with a powerful strategy to offer your customers with highly-perceived value rewards including - but not limited to - lifestyle, leisure, and travel rewards, all provided to you at a fraction of its retail cost.

Our Customized Incentive Rewards Program appeals to your target market while achieving your marketing initiatives. Every campaign attains your goals, delivers results, and increases your return on investment.


One of the unique services our platform can offer your business is the Gift Card Program. epoints will provide your business with the branded gift cards that can either be pre-loaded or charged with any amount of preference.