With over a decade of experience and international success, epoints has a qualified team ready to work with your business to enable an effective and advantageous service that will guarantee an increase in your sales and revenues.



By implementing the epoints loyalty program, we gather vital information about your customers' spending and visiting habits which is essential for providing you with the needed retention solution. Our business intelligence team analyzes your customer habits and identifies key variables in their behavior to take the required action and implement the necessary targeted campaign to increase your revenues. 

Our most common campaigns:

  1. Recency, Frequency, Monetary Campaign: Proven to be most successful, the campaign guarantees to bring back inactive customers to your store, increase customer visits from infrequent customers, and increase customer spend from loyal customers. 

  2. Point Redemption Campaign: We target your customers who have above a certain value of points balance on their card and incentives them to redeem and purchase. In return, generating a revenue uplift to your business.

  3. Cross-Brand Campaign: Applicable to businesses with various brands - this campaign targets customers who have visited a few of your brands within a certain period and incentives them to purchase from your other brands.

  4. Most Loyal/VIP Campaign: Your most loyal customers are the ones you should not let go of. We provide you with the right tools to continuously rewards those customers to make them feel special. You are loyal to them as they are to you. 


epoints manages the entire Customized Incentive Rewards campaign and delivers amazing results at absolutely no effort to your marketing team. From voucher printing to a call center, epoints organizes all the campaign's administration work to ensure a smooth-sailing process at no inconvenience to you.


On your behalf, epoints will contact your customer base (via phone call, SMS, or email) asking them to answer a list of questions you request in order to generate important market research information for your business. This is a golden opportunity to improve your offering and listen to your customers.


epoints provides a loyalty platform integration for your e-commerce business which gives your customers the ability to earn and redeem points in your stores and/or online website.