About Us

epoints is an international customer loyalty and marketing company. Since 2003, we’ve created and managed loyalty programs for thousands of businesses around the world – from local restaurant and retail shops to larger international brands. Our commitment to our client partners is simple – we help them increase their sales and profits though the strength of their most valuable assets: Their Customer and Their Brands.

Our Story

In 2002, epoints founder and CEO, Marwan Said, had a simple revelation: consumer behavior can, in fact, be profoundly influenced though the application of a data-driven rewards program, and that there was an enormous need for these types of programs among local businesses.

After graduating from Xaiver University in Cincinnati, Marwan joined the family business, the OFFTEC Holdings Group (OHG), an international supplier of office equipment, and rose through ranks in a series of managerial and financial roles. He was eventually named Chairman and expanded OFFTEC’s reach from Office Equipment into Banking Technologies, Custom Software, IT Infrastructure & Security Solutions, Physical Security Solutions, and Office Furniture.

As Chairman, he became increasingly aware of the multitude of problems faced by businesses large and small. Intense competition was the norm - crossing vertical markets, business size, and even international boarders. Intrigued by his wife’s willingness to go out of her way to shop at an inconveniently located supermarket because of its rewards program, Marwan realized that loyalty programs do, in fact, change the behaviors of consumers. While rewards programs were nothing new among large retailers, Marwan sensed an opportunity to make the same type of data-driven programs available to a much broader group of merchants, namely local businesses without the expertise or budget to create and manage their own loyalty programs. Marwan spent most of 2002 developing the business model and working with the OFFTEC Software Development team to create the technology that would ultimately become the backbone of epoints’ business.

Refining the business model along the way, epoints has grown to have operations in six countries. We enjoy the trust of over 4,000 clients, including the management of the rewards programs for about three dozen international brands in retail, food, banking, and telecommunications sectors (“see partners”).

Our commitment to our client partners is simple – we help them grow their sales and profits through their two most valuable assets: their customers and their brand.